Raj Sodhi

C- Magazine from Palo Alto High School

Type: Print/Online Publication

Synopsis: C Magazine is an arts and culture magazine from my highschool. I was the Online Editor in Chief was digitally responsible for most stories.

Year: 2017-2020

Programs: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign

C-Magazine Clip Reel

C Magazine is a hybrid print-online student led magazine, with six issues (and productions) a year. Production requires all writers and editors to stay after hours and work on the magazine. Senior year, I was elected as the Web Design Editor in Chief. My senior projects include covers, redesigning the website, reviving my high school's radio program and starting a new documentary publication with other seniors. Alongside these, I write stories and host a spinoff arts and culture podcast.This video is a montage of every C-Magazine spread I’ve worked on, either on or off production. However, a large part of being on a publication is learning to collaborate. In light of this, I’ve signified at the bottom my involvement in the story. Some stories, I write, create art for, and help design. Other stories, I just help the writers with art or help them display their story in a interesting way. The ‘Design’ tag only applies if I’ve spent an hour or more working on that design.

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