Raj Sodhi

Steam Until Hot - FR #008

Type: Short Animation

Synopsis: Two robots remember their first meeting. 

Year: 2018

Programs: Autodesk Maya, Illustrator

Steam Until Hot

FRC is a robotics league with a new theme every year. They hold two animation competitions based on that theme: one is supposed to enforce safety, and the other is open ended. My freshman year, the theme was ‘steam’, as to promote the Arts in STEM. The Art subteam on Palo Alto High School Robotics creates animations and graphic assets. My junior year, I was co-captain of the Art team.Steam Until Hot was created by me and four other animators, all incredibly talented. We all worked together rigging separate things inside Autodesk Maya, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Moreover, I also worked on the graphics inside the animation: the Coffee Cup, the expressions of the robots, the Menu etc.

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