Raj Sodhi

Shattered Frames

Scholastic Art and Writing National Medalist Winner

Type: Digital Collage

Year: 2017

Program: Photoshop

Shattered Frames

My sophomore year, I watched my older brother slowly sink into a drug addiction as everyone around him refused to help. The school pressure and abusive friendships pushed him to overdose one night. While he did survive the overdose, he left high school and stayed in rehab for two years. With the exception of one meeting in January halfway through my junior year, I was isolated from him in every way. These feelings and conflict was what drove me to create this piece.The blue fiery background, the bleach, the party scene inside the frame, the swordsmen, and the horrified people are old scanned LIFE magazines. The broken frame was hand-drawn, and the Marijuana, Xanax, MDMA, and Juul are from creative commons.

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