Raj Sodhi

TANGENT Advertisement

Type: Social Media Advertisment

Problem: Inform the audience of KPLY and the student body of a new podcast and what subject field it covers.

Year: 2019

Programs: After Effects, Audition

Tangent: An Arts and Culture Podcast

Tangent is a collaboration between the magazine I help run (C Magazine) and my podcast collective KPLY. It’s an arts and culture podcast featuring student experts, and the first episode was with a senior who’s a filmmaker in his spare time. Max has won film festivals and been a student judge at others. We talked about foreign influence on American film and how the film medium is at it’s most accessible for both creators and fans. The podcast is entirely written/recorded/edited/marketed by me. As co-leader of KPLY, I also run social media. I created this video to announce Tangent to both KPLY and C Magazine audiences.

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