Raj Sodhi

A Redesign of Apple Music

Type: Short Business Proposal for USC Iovine + Young Application

Problem: How can Apple Music utilize unique strengths to differentiate its product?

Year: 2020

Software: Sketch, After Effects

Elevator Pitch video submitted to USC Iovine + Young School 

As someone who loves music, I have a problem finding other people with these interests in a community space. I am also frustrated by the shallow social aspect in streaming apps. The solution I developed to these problems is a redesign of Apple Music. I picked Apple Music as a subject for this case study because they have a clear and replicable design language, and would logically implement this design based on their values.In the new Connect section (previously Friends Who Listened), the people you are following that have interacted (listened, loved, reviewed, or favorited) will be listed with their action. A heart on top of the profile picture indicates that they pressed the Love button, a card with a review signifies that you can expand to fully read and like the review, with a link to the profile. Finally, a star means that they’ve chosen this album as one of their favorites, something that adds deep personalization.

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